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Low Resolution Images

These low resolution images are free to re-use provided attribution is given to the appropriate Collection, eg “Radio Heritage Foundation – Laurie Boyer Collection”, together with a back-link to our website, radioheritage.com. Higher resolution, watermark-free, images are available for a small donation, or other support towards the running of our 100% volunteer not-for-profit organisation. You can get in touch using the Contact Us form on this website, or via email. You can also browse these Collections as PDF Albums via the “Collections->QSL Collections” menu option on this website.

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Laurie Boyer Collection


Merv Russell Collection


Ralph Sutton Collection


Chris Mackerell Collection


David Ricquish Collection

File naming convention:

We have tried to adhere to the following naming convention when scanning these documents:

For example: 19601016 KATY 550 kHz Bakersfield CA A.jpg

  • yyyymmdd (Year, Month, Day) (“x” indicates not known or uncertain)
  • Station name or callsign
  • Frequency (or frequencies)
  • Location
  • A/B indicating front or rear of document (C/D etc are also used for duplicates or multi-page items)

We have tried to use the date of the broadcast that was verified, but that has not always been available. At times we have used the date the verification was issued, or the date shown on the postmark.

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