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Near the tip of Mexico’s white-sand Yucatán Peninsula is the hip beach town of Tulum. Radio Tulum is a non-profit community radio station and production house that provides a venue for the town’s musicians to showcase their work. The area has been settled since ancient times and alongside its stunning beaches, it is also home to sacred Mayan ruins. Here, we speak to the station’s founder, Mandeep Bhatia.

How did you get involved with Radio Tulum?

I founded it seven years ago. I wanted to create an independent voice in this magical town. My girlfriend, who is an artist, and I have created an underground place for artists, by artists.

How does being in such a beautiful place influence your work?

Tulum is the basis of it all for us. It’s a special place to be able to find oneself and lose yourself – the place deserves to be honoured for its magnetic energy.

Radio Tulum logo from station website

What does your roster sound like?

It’s filled with a range of musical genres; we have something for everyone.

What’s your favourite programme on the schedule?

I have a few that I love, including Journey of a Life Through Music. It explores a musician’s life through their work, stopping at songs that were most influential. And our forthcoming DJs in Space series will be super cool.

Photo from Radio Tulum website.

Any memorable broadcasting moments?

In general, it’s the legacy of the conversations with people from all walks of life that we are most proud. One moment that stands out was a conversation from Journey of a Life Through Music with our artist in residence, Carlito Dalceggio. We explored a redefinition of the word “freedom”. We discussed the responsibility that comes with the freedom to be able to give to our fellow humans.

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