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Fantastic ‘Pirate’ Radio Hauraki Memorabilia

*** No Longer Available ***

‘A Fresh Pacific Wind’ Radio Hauraki 1966-1970 CD

“We made lots of friends.
We made lots of waves.
We made history.”

Derek Lowe, Radio Hauraki

Listen to this wonderful CD of the greatest moments of the original Tiri broadcasts.

  • The original 1480 test transmission from Bob Leahy…
  • Armed Forces Show with Trudi Rana and Ross Goodwin…
  • ‘Mayday Mayday’ from the Tiri January 28 1968…
  • Rick Grant with special guest Alison Durban…
  • the famous Tea Council commercials…
  • many original Radio Hauraki jingles…and much more…

Includes booklet, photos and message from original Radio Hauraki founder David Gapes. Produced by David Miller. Mastered at Strawberry Sound, Dunedin, New Zealand.

This website is not affiliated with the current Radio Hauraki owned by The Radio Network.
The original pirate Radio Hauraki was realised by David Gapes, Denis ‘Doc’ O’Callahan, Derek Lowe and Chris Parkinson and owned by Pacific Radio Advertising Ltd.
Material from this site is part of the Radio Heritage Foundation Archive, which holds all © unless specified.

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