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Programmer’s lights flash to the music

The Press – 01.01.2009

Santa will have no trouble finding one Christchurch house this Christmas — 6000 lights flashing to synchronised music will see to that.

SOUND AND VISION: Nathan and Tracey Kennedy show the frequency to tune to while watching their lights
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Software programmer Nathan Kennedy has upped the ante for Christmas lights with a hi-tech, drive-by display in Wetlands Grove, Bexley.

A neon sign tells you to tune your car radio to 88.1FM. A low-powered transmitter plays Christmas instrumental Wizards in Winter through your radio as the lights on the roof flash in time with the music.

Kennedy read about the technology on the internet, trialled it last year and opted for a bigger display this year.

The free software came from the United States, and Kennedy spent $300 building the light-controlling hardware.

“It’s just for the fun of it,” he said. “I am a bit of a computer geek and a bit of a Christmas fan. People say you do it for the kids, but hell, I do it for myself.”

Kennedy will have a webcam on his site, pacificlights.co.nz, in a few weeks to let viewers control part of the light display at the click of a mouse.

He has also installed a flashing donations bucket, with proceeds going to the fund for murdered Christchurch woman Emma Agnew.

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Pacific Lights FM 88.1 in lights

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Nathan Kennedy operates this station annually.

Visit PacificLights for more information about the project, video coverage from TVNZ and podcast audio from Plains FM in Christchurch.

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