Hospital Radio Timaru Celebrates 20 Years

Hospital Radio 88.1 FM presenters entertain the audience with a skit entitled ‘Snow White and the Several Dwarfs’ at the stations’ 20th anniversary celebrations in the Woodlands Church Hall.
© NATASHA MARTIN/Timaru Herald

Hospital Radio Timaru

By BETHANY MARETT – The Timaru Herald

Hosptal Radio celebrated 20 years yesterday with the biggest crowd yet to its annual gathering.

About 135 people turned up to the Woodlands Rd Church Hall for the variety concert, which was put together by the station’s announcers.

DJ Allan Stewart kept the crowd entertained with quick-witted stories, and the final skit of the day, entitled `Snow White and the several dwarfs’, had everyone laughing in their seats.

Hospital Radio was started by Timaru man Ron Heney. It was originally just for patients at Timaru Hospital. However, the hospital upgrade saw the end of the headsets on which the station broadcast and they switched to an FM signal which became available to the general public.

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