One Christian Radio set to rock the airwaves

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One Christian Radio Managing Director James Cope looks forward to involving the community in the new station.
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James Cope is bringing his faith to New Plymouth airwaves.

The Ohio native and the Taranaki Christian Media Trust began broadcasts from their One Christian Radio station in late August, but plan to get bigger.

Mr Cope says the trust has big plans for the low frequency station, including youth announcers and Sunday sermons for those unable to get to church.

“We are faith-based, non-profit and will be very much involved with community issues. We will have a variety of music from hymns to christian rock,” says Mr Cope, who is the managing director.

One Christian Radio, on frequency 106.9, reaches about 75 per cent of the city.

“The trust has been talking to several churches about participation and, as the station will be run by volunteers, we will have youth workers coming in where they will get a chance to talk on air and play christian rock for the younger listeners,” Mr Cope says.

He says so far the station has received a positive response and as development of the station progresses they will add more shows.

“We want to start promoting concerts and begin to feature local artists. There is so much talent in Taranaki.”

One Christian Radio is not commercial and Mr Cope says they have some sponsors but are seeking more.

“Music cheers us up, reaches out to us, lifts the spirit and prepares people for the world.

“We want to provide a community station for all types of people and for all moods.”

The station is different from any other and the listeners will be different as well, says Mr Cope.

“We want to play a part in the community and add to the enrichment of New Plymouth. We want to make a difference.”

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