Victorian Broadcasting Network 3SH Northern Victoria

3SH Swan Hill Letterhead 1944 © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

At Swan Hill, on the River Murray, is 3SH Northern Victoria, serving the progressive towns of Swan Hill and Kerang and reaching out to the surrounding rich River Murray settlements, the Mallee and across the river into the western Riverina.

Being a unit of the Victorian Broadcasting Network (“The Age” broadcasting services) and of the Macquarie Network, 3SH always is assured of good feature programmes. Local interests are also well cared for, as many programmes by district artists are broadcast.

The three stations of the VBN promoted their advertising effectiveness to reach listeners across the state of Victoria
© Radio Heritage Foundation Collection
Rupert A Fitts
© Radio Heritage Foundation Collection

STATION STAFF; Manager, Gordon Lewis; ANNOUNCERS, Harry Lithgow, John Newton, Jeanne Battye, Margaret Braybrook, WOMEN’S CLUB LEADER, Jeanne Battye; ENGINEERS, Martin Chaffer and J. Ratcliffe.

EXECUTIVES: David F. Syme, Managing Director; Rupert A. Fitts, General Manager; Neville Dixon Sales Manager.


HEAD OFFICE: Central Murray Broadcasters Pty. Ltd., “The Age” Chambers, 239 Collins Street, Melbourne.

Victorian Broadcasting Network 3SH Northern Victoria, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47.

Editor: C C Faulkner.

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I’m embarrassed to be here. I’m waiting for the state radio sponsor to arrive. He’s late. Please just ask me to go away. I’m cheap.

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