2XL Cooma: ‘The Voice of the Southern Tablelands’

Original 2XL Cooma logo on 1947 listener card © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

2XL has progressed a long way since the second Great War started when it was operated largely by a part time staff.

The station is owned by Cooma Broadcasters Pty. Ltd. with the following staff:-

Managing Director, P. O. MITCHELL; Announcers, J. C. CRAGO, S. J. DYKES, M. G. HOOK, MISS JUNE BETTS; Engineers, W. J. WELLER and S. L. MEAKINS (who also assist with the announcing).

Main Street, Cooma in 1946
© State Library of NSW

Hours of operation have been increased from the original 35 per week to nearly 8 hours daily.

2XL features special sessions for the towns of Bombala, Nimmitabel, Delegate and Adaminaby. An extension of this service is planned.

Considerable goodwill has been built by 2XL’s part in War Loan rallies and other patriotic efforts. During one Anzac Day appeal over £6000 was raised for the War Loan. In July, 1945, when a local committee decided that the hospital needed a new X-ray plant they bought a day and night on 2XL and £1503 was promised over the telephone during the day. Such efforts have earned the Station a high standing.

2XL receives a large mail from surrounding towns and the Thursday night Yodelling Session (now in its eighth year) brings inquiries and letters from all over Australia and New Zealand and an average of 20 letters a week from Tasmania alone.

2XL Cooma ‘The Voice of the Southern Tablelands’, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47.

Editor: C C Faulkner.

© Ray Crawford Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

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