88.1 FM Mangere Town Centre Live

Mangere views go on air

It’s time to wake up in your own neighbourhood, Mangere, with the first radio station exclusively about the suburb.

MANGERE LIVE: Dougie Te Moni is setting up a radio station for Mangere and is looking for local artists to supply music for it.
Photo: HANNAH JOHNSTON/Manukau Courier

The radio station will hit the airwaves next month, broadcasting from the Mangere Community Development and Cultural Trust building in the town centre.

Dougie Te Moni is working alongside the trust to develop the station which will use FM frequency 88.1.

The radio consultant suggested the idea to the trust as a way of building community spirit.

“I thought why not use my skills and talents and work with the trust and get something going,” he says.

Mangere town centre manager Patricia Leach is welcoming the station and says it will encourage community involvement and focus on positive community messages, health and exercise, youth, family and well-being.

“Finally, we can celebrate something positive from Mangere instead of all the perceived negativity associated with our neighbourhood,” she says.

“The station will give our local people the chance to hear local original music, local news and local views. It’s just what our community needs – a positive role model of success, especially for our youth.”

Mr Te Moni says 88.1 FM, which will be known as Mangere Town Centre Live, will allow local people to share their talent.

“This station is all about local music.”

It is now looking for Mangere artists to supply original music even if it was produced five or so years ago.

Mr Te Moni is also on the hunt for people or groups, especially non-profit community groups, interested in hosting a show.

“If you’ve got a positive message we want to here from you.”

He hopes the community will embrace the station and take ownership of it.

A launch party will be held on September 29 from 11am to 1pm at the town centre before the station goes live on October 1.

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