2KA Katoomba: The Voice of the Mountains

2KA issued this listener confirmation in 1944 © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Station 2KA first went on the air on September 7th, 1935 with studios and transmitter at Medlow Bath. Early in 1937 the studios were established in the main street of Katoomba.

The present transmitter with its giant twin steel towers, the tops of which are over 3,000 feet above sea level, was erected in 1938. The transmitter, which is capable of putting 2,000 watts into the aerial, was built for 2KA by Amalgamated Wireless. The station was granted an increase to its present aerial power of 1,000 watts in June, 1938, and since that time excellent response has been received from most parts of the State. Mail arrives regularly from listeners outside the 50 mile radius.

This arrangement has made it possible for the station to carry out its policy of presenting listeners with the “pick of the air.” The 2KA programme is rich in outstanding feature sessions and up to the minute news and racing services are provided.

Several local programmes are originated from the studio at Wentworth Falls, but the main portion of the 2KA programme is provided by Station 2GZ, Central New South Wales, on a permanent land-line from Sydney.

2KA does not claim metropolitan listeners, but probably no other country station is received better in Sydney. Perfect reception has been reported by consistent listeners throughout the North Shore area and mail is received from most of the Western suburbs.

A claim of a 50 mile radius is conservative for a power of 1,000 watts; the acknowledged allowance being a 75 mile radius. 2KA’s transmitter radiates what may be the most efficient skywave signal in N.S.W., while the ground, or commercial signal is also of high standard. The 50 miles air line radius cuts through the metropolitan area at Milson’s Point, then through the Spit, Peat’s Ferry and to eight miles north of Wiseman’s Ferry. On the other side of Milson’s Point it traverses Redfern, Botany, Cronulla, Bulli Pass, Mittagong, round to the Western side of the transmitter where the 50 mile radius finishes in Bathurst.

2KA served the Blue Mountain Resorts. This travel poster was issued in Katoomba in 1946. © www.joseflebovicgallery.com

2KA Katoomba The Voice of the Mountains, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47.

Editor: C C Faulkner.

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