Art of Amateur Radio Japan : The Quartz Hill Collection

7M3JPY Kazuo Yoshino, Annaka City

Quartz Hill Amateur Radio Station ZL6QH was based at an old short wave receiving station located about 30 minutes drive from central Wellington, New Zealand.

With a wide variety of aerials stretching across the hills of an exposed farm site overlooking the wild seas of Cook Strait, the site offered amateur radio operators a unique operations platform and a ZL contact eagerly sought after by thousands of amateurs around the world.

Thousands of the QSL cards received from these stations over the years have been preserved, and we’re pleased to continue a new series featuring some of these cards.

Many amateur radio operators include entertaining art work on their personal QSL cards, and here are some of the cartoon style characters featuring on a selection of such cards from Japan.

7K2BLP Moriyuki Furuya, Yokohama
JA2KTK Tadashi Fukute, Gifu
JI1NIB Kazuaki Arai, Takasaki
JA9ZMQ Jiro Matsuura, Mie
JE2SOY Yuji Naruse, Nagoya
JA2AYP Masa Yamaguchi, Sakura City
JA1WUM Takashi Suzuki, Yokosuka City
JI3ACL Shinji Kikui, Takarazuka City
JE1SPY Sakaaki Ashikawa, Tokyo
JM1BPJ Yasufumi Yoshida, Kawasaki City
7M3JPY Kazuo Yoshino, Annaka City
JL1MWI Masahiro Mizuuchi, Atsugi City
JA4LCI Hisamoto Takashi, Yamaguchi
JR3AAZ Masaya Kakihata, Matsubara City
JA4SZ Tadamasa Kanda, Yamaguchi
JA1VNA Kouji Takamo, Kawasaki City
JA2BDY Hiroshi Kawasaki, Owariasahi City
JE3HHT Makoto Mori, Takatsuki
JA8CMC Tatsuo Obata, Toubetsu
JH3UDD Hiroshi Sugino, Toyonaka City
JAØBJY Keiichi Matsuta, Ryugasaki
JAØEMS Nobukazu Nishikiori, Niitsu City
JA1ODB Taneomi Kawai, Aoba

The Quartz Hill Collection currently numbers some 30,000 QSL cards received over the past 10 years by ZL6QH and grows every week as new contacts are made over a variety of frequencies and through many amateur radio contests.

We’re grateful to the members of the Quartz Hill Users Group, an offshoot of the Wellington Amateur Radio Club [ZL2WB] for their support of this project and for making the cards available to document contemporary amateur radio contacts being made within the Pacific and with the rest of the world.

If you have amateur radio cards, magazine and newspaper articles, photos or audio of amateur radio operators heard in the Pacific since the 1920’s and would like to make sure they’re kept safely for the future, please contact us with details today. We’ll look after them for you.

ZL6QH Quartz Hill Amateur Radio Station
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