Blowhole FM Fights

Blowhole continues its battle for airwaves

Anna Bowden

A Bay radio station’s struggle is coming to an end after securing a commercial frequency.

But as one battle ends, another begins.

Blowhole FM programme director Brent Gilbert said the frequency would cost the 18 volunteer DJs $1000 a month to stay on air and they were seeking sponsorship from a local business.

With one advertising client, Red Bull, the station had previously managed to cover other costs of renting the station and paying the bills. But the non-commercial status of the frequency deters them from attracting further advertising clients.

This week Mr Gilbert sent out an appeal to some of the 11,000 people who supported the station after its frequency was sold in a Ministry of Economic Development auction in February.

He asked for help in securing a sponsor for the station – which will run on 96.7FM within a fortnight.

Blowhole FM’s transmission equipment was seized in September when broadcasting on an illegal frequency – the gear will be returned from radio Spectrum Management. Mr Gilbert is awaiting news of an investigation into the illegal broadcasting following a meeting with ministry officials.

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