Voice of Samoa Christchurch

Voice of Samoa celebrates Christchurch milestone

Caroline King

The Samoan community will celebrate a milestone tomorrow with a party to mark the first birthday of its Christchurch radio station.

Eva Ile Malu Taeao (the Voice of Samoa) broadcasts Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6am to 10am from Plains FM.

“We started with a two hour programme a year ago and went to three hours and now to three days a week,” said its director Pati Saimoa, who established it and hosts the programmes.

“It shows how big our support is from the community. Now our goal is five days a week and for our own station.”

Establishing the South Island’s first independent Samoan radio ? both Auckland and Wellington have Samoan stations ? was his “big challenge,” he said.

Saimoa’s broadcast links live once a week with an Apia radio station, and has become an important link for Christchurch’s Samoan community.

Saimoa has interviewed Mayor Garry Moore, David Tua, and Don Brash among his recent guests.

The station’s first birthday will be celebrated at a function at the Pages Rd marae which more than 500 people will attend tomorrow night.

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