Retro Radio Dial: 1953 North Asia Radio

Philips Radio Model 436-AN dial.

China, Formosa, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Mongolia, USSR [Russian Far East, Siberia] but currently excludes North Korea for which no information is available.

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182Radio MoscowUSSRNovosbirsk, Siberia
227Radio MoscowUSSRIrkutsk, Siberia
236Radio MoscowUSSRYakutsk, Siberia
263Radio MoscowUSSRKrasnojarsk, Siberia
560HLKASouth KoreaSeoul
570CPBSChinaSouth West China
 HLKFSouth KoreaIri
600HLKQSouth KoreaChungju
 HLKOSouth KoreaMasan
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
 ZEK Radio Hong KongHong KongHong Kong
650HLKNSouth KoreaMokpo
 BED2 Voice of Free AsiaFormosaTaipei
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
710HLKGSouth KoreaTaegu
 BED22 BCCFormosaTaipei
780HLKHSouth KoreaKwangju
800CPBSChinaEast China
 HLKBSouth KoreaPusan
810BEV34 Cheng Sheng Radio StationFormosaTaipei
820CPBSChinaNorth East China
845ZBW Radio Hong KongHong KongHong Kong
880CPBSChinaNorth West China
 HLKISouth KoreaTaejon
 CR9AA Radio Clube de MacauMacauMacau
970HKKASouth KoreaSeoul
 BED9 BCCFormosaTaipei
1030HLKLSouth KoreaNamwon
1037CR9XL Radio Vila VerdeMacauMacau
 BEC36 Voice of RighteousnessFormosaTaipei
 HLKSSouth KoreaChejn
 HLKRSouth KoreaKangneung
1140AFRS VagabondSouth Korea 
1230HLKMSouth KoreaChunchon
 AFRS HomesteaderSouth Korea 
1290CPBSChinaEast China
1330BEC26 Voice of the ArmyFormosaTaipei
1360AFRS TroubadorSouth Korea 
1380AFRS MercurySouth Korea 
1460AFRS MeteorSouth Korea 
1510AFRS KilroySouth Korea 
1550AFRS RamblerSouth Korea 
1570AFRS NomadSouth Korea 
2510HLKASouth KoreaSeoul
3892KBSSouth Korea
4777KBSSouth KoreaTaegu
4860Radio BlagoveschchenskUSSRBlagoveschchensk, RFE
5023Radio VladivostokUSSRValdivostok, RFE
5060Radio Uzedro-SakhalinskUSSRUzedro-Sakhalinsk, RFE
5260Radio Ulan BatorMongoliaUlan Bator
5840Radio MagadanUSSRMagadan, RFE
5980Radio YakutskUSSRYakutsk, Siberia
5985CPBSChinaEast China
6070Radio PetropavlovskUSSRPetropavlovsk, RFE
6095BED29 BCCFormosaTaipei
 BED29 Voice of Free ChinaFormosaTaipei
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
6150Radio KhabarovskUSSRKhabarovsk, RFE
6154CPBSChinaSouth West China
6325Radio Ulan BatorMongoliaUlan Bator
6345CPBSChinaEast China
6493CPBSChinaNorth West China
6525CPBSChinaNorth East China
6967Radio MagadanUSSRMagadan, RFE
7130BED7 Voice of Free AsiaFormosaTaipei
7300BEC36 Voice of RighteousnessFormosaTaipei
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
7935HLKBSouth KoreaPusan
8000Radio Ulan BatorMongoliaUlan Bator
9040Radio PekingChinaPeking
9480CPBSChinaNorth West China
 Radio VladivostokUSSRVladivostok, RFE
9525ZBW3 Radio Hong KongHong KongHong Kong
9545Radio PetropavlovskUSSRPetropavlovsk, RFE
10200BEC26 Voice of the ArmyFormosaTaipei
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
11685Radio MagadanUSSRMagadan, RFE
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
11735BED6 Voice of Free AsiaFormosaTaipei
11920BED4 Voice of Free AsiaFormosaTaipei
 Radio PekingChinaPeking
15110Radio PetropavlovskUSSRPetropavlovsk, RFE
15170Radio PekingChinaPeking
15230Radio YakutskUSSRYakutsk, Siberia
15235BED3 Voice of Free AsiaFormosaTaipei

It Happened in 1953

Korean ferry boat sinks off Pusan with 259 deaths
Communist offensive in South Korea
Dwight D Eisenhower inaugurated as US president
Korean War ends
USSR tests H-bomb
Khrushchev becomes 1st secretary of USSR communist party
Malenkov becomes chairman of USSR communist party
UN rejects PR China membership
Playboy magazine
Pat Benetar
Pierce Brosnan
Alex Van Halen
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Bassinger
Hank Williams
Joseph Stalin
Alice Prin ‘Kiki de Montparnasse’
Django Reinhardt
Rene Fonck
Dylan Thomas
Registered Broadcasting Receivers:
USSR 18,000,000 estimated
China 1,200,000 estimated
South Korea 150,000 estimated
Formosa 100,000 estimated
Hong Kong 41,737
Indo-China-Vietnam 40,000
Macau 6,107
Indo-China-Cambodia 3,500
Indo-China-Laos 328

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Top 20 Singles

  Artist Song
1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge
2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios
3 Patti Page [How Much is] That Doggie in the Window
4 Eddie Fisher I’m Walking Behind You
5 Ames Brothers You, You, You
6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You
7 Les Baxter April in Portugal
8 Perry Como No Other Love
9 Perry Como Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
10 Frankie Lane I Believe
11 Pee Wee Hunt Oh
12 Frank Chacksfield Ebb Tide
13 Nat King Cole Pretend
14 Richard Hayman Ruby
15 Stan Freberg St George and the Dragonet
16 The Hilltoppers PS I Love You
17 The Gaylords Tell Me You’re Mine
18 Julias La Rosa Eh Cumpari!
19 Tony Bennett Rags to Riches
20 Doris Day Anna

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Reflecting on North Asia

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