Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Nordic Europe Radio

Philips Radio Model 436-AN dial.

Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Svalbard

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155Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayTromso
 Sveriges RadioSwedenLulea
191Sveriges RadioSwedenMotala
218Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayOslo
245Danmarks Radio IDenmarkKalundborg
254Suomen YleisradioFinlandLathi
420Sveriges RadioSwedenOstersund
433Suomen YleisradioFinlandOulu
520Suomen YleisradioFinlandJoensuu
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayHamar
557Suomen YleisradioFinlandHelsinki 1
593Sveriges RadioSwedenSundsvall
629Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayVigra
633OXI Groenlands RadioGreenlandGodthaab
674Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayBodo
701Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayFinnmark
755Suomen YleisradioFinlandKuopio
773Sveriges RadioSwedenMalmberger
 Sveriges RadioSwedenStockholm
835Suomen YleisradioFinlandYlivieska
845Suomen YleisradioFinlandHelsinki III
890Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayBergen I
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayKristiansand
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayTrondelag
962Suomen YleisradioFinlandTurku I
980Sveriges RadioSwedenGothenburg
1061Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkKalundborg
1115Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayArendal
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayBergen II
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayFaberg
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayLista
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayNamsos
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayNotodden
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayRoros
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwaySulitjelma
1178Sveriges RadioSwedenHorby
1223Sveriges RadioSwedenFalun
 Sveriges RadioSwedenHalsingborg
1241Suomen YleisradioFinlandVaasa
1313Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayStavanger
1394Sveriges RadioSwedenEskilstuna
 Sveriges RadioSwedenJonkoping
 Sveriges RadioSwedenKarlskrona
 Sveriges RadioSwedenKiruna
 Sveriges RadioSwedenKristinehamm
 Sveriges RadioSwedenSaffle
 Sveriges RadioSwedenTrollhattan
 Sveriges RadioSwedenUppsala
 Sveriges RadioSwedenVarberg
 Sveriges RadioSwedenVisby
1430Danmarks Radio IDenmarkHerstedvester
 Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkHerstedvester
 Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkSkive
1448Sveriges RadioSwedenGavle
 Sveriges RadioSwedenHudiksvall
 Sveriges RadioSwedenOrnskoldsvik
1466Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayGeilo
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayMo I Rana
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayNarvik
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayOdda
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayPorsgrunn
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwaySvalbard
1484Danmarks Radio IDenmarkCopenhagen
 Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkAalborg
 Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkTonder
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandHelsinki II
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPietarsaari
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPori
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandTammissari
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandTampere
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandTurku II
 TFK AFRSIcelandKeflavik AFB
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayMosjoen
 Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayRjukan
1500OZL Angmagssalik RadioGreenlandAngmagssalik
1529Sveriges RadioSwedenPorjus
 Sveriges RadioSwedenSoderhamm
 Sveriges RadioSwedenUmea
1562Sveriges RadioSwedenBoras
 Sveriges RadioSwedenHalmstad
 Sveriges RadioSwedenKalmar
 Sveriges RadioSwedenKarlstad
 Sveriges RadioSwedenMalmo
 Sveriges RadioSwedenNorrkoping
 Sveriges RadioSwedenUddevalla
 Sveriges RadioSwedenOrebro
1578Norsk RikskringkastingNorwayFrederikstad
 LKF Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
1594Danmarks Radio IIDenmarkEsbjerg
 Suomen YleisradioFinlandKarjaa
5964OXI Groenlands RadioGreenlandGodthaab
6060Danmarks Radio IDenmarkHerstedvester
 OZF3 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
6065Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
 Sveriges RadioSwedenHorby
6095Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
6120OIX7 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPori
6130LKJ Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
6185LLI Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
7210LLS Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
 Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
7240LLR Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
7260OZF4 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
7270Sveriges RadioSwedenMotala
7570OZL Angmagssalik RadioGreenlandAngmagssalik
9520OZF5 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
9535Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
9540LKJ2 Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
9550LLD Radio NorwayNorwayTromso
9555OIX2 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPori
9610LLG Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
9620Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
9645LLH Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
11705Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
 Sveriges RadioSwedenHorby
11735LKQ Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
11850LLK Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
11880Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
15155Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
15165OZF7 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
15170LKV Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
15175LLM Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
15180OZF8 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
15190OIX4 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPori
15320OZF9 Voice of DenmarkDenmarkHerstedvester
17755LKW Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
17800OIX5 Suomen YleisradioFinlandPori
 Radio SwedenSwedenHorby
17825LLN Radio NorwayNorwayFrederikstad
21670LLP Radio NorwayNorwayOslo
21730LLQ Radio NorwayNorwayOslo
90.7Copenhagen FM IDenmarkCopenhagen
91.0Suomen YlesiradioFinlandImatra
91.9Suomen YleisradioFinlandHelsinki I
92.2Suomen YleisradioFinlandJyvaskyla
94.3Suomen YleisradioFinlandTurku
94.6Suomen YleisradioFinlandHelsinki II
95.2Suomen YleisradioFinlandVaasa I
95.6Copenhagen FM IIDenmarkCopenhagen
96.7Suomen YleisradioFinlandRovaniemi

NB: Spelling is anglicised and excludes pronunciation marks.

It Happened in 1953

Dag Hammarskjoeld [Sweden] elected Secretary-General of UN
Denmark adopts new constitution
Greenland integrates into Danish realm
USSR tests H-bomb
Khrushchev becomes 1st secretary of USSR communist party
Malenkov becomes chairman of USSR communist party
Denmark King Frederick IX
Finland President Juho Kusti Paasikivi
Iceland President Asegir Asgeirsson
Norway King Haakon VII
Sweden King Gustaf VI Adolf
Playboy magazine
Pat Benetar
Pierce Brosnan
Alex Van Halen
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Bassinger
Hank Williams
Joseph Stalin
Alice Prin ‘Kiki de Montparnasse’
Django Reinhardt
Rene Fonck
Dylan Thomas
Registered Broadcasting Receivers:
Sweden 2,287,616
Denmark 1,298,529
Norway 870,000
Finland 800,000
Iceland 36,374
Greenland 23,000

Favorite Movies of 1953: Your Personal Collection

From Here to Eternity

Roman Holiday

The War of the Worlds

Peter Pan

The Big Heat

Stalag 17

House of Wax

Little Fugitive

Julius Caesar

The Band Wagon

Top 20 Singles

  Artist Song
1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge
2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios
3 Patti Page [How Much is] That Doggie in the Window
4 Eddie Fisher I’m Walking Behind You
5 Ames Brothers You, You, You
6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You
7 Les Baxter April in Portugal
8 Perry Como No Other Love
9 Perry Como Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
10 Frankie Lane I Believe
11 Pee Wee Hunt Oh
12 Frank Chacksfield Ebb Tide
13 Nat King Cole Pretend
14 Richard Hayman Ruby
15 Stan Freberg St George and the Dragonet
16 The Hilltoppers PS I Love You
17 The Gaylords Tell Me You’re Mine
18 Julias La Rosa Eh Cumpari!
19 Tony Bennett Rags to Riches
20 Doris Day Anna

Top 5 Music Albums: Your Personal Collection

Classic Sinatra – His Great Performances 1953-1960

The Best Years of Our Lives 1953

Your Hit Parade: 1953

Blowing the Fuse: 29 R&B Classics That Rocked The Jukebox 1953

Hits of 1953 – Coronation Party

Reflecting on Nordic Europe

Top 10 Recommended Reading available right now:

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A Conspiracy Of Decency: The Rescue Of The Danish Jews During World War II

The A to Z of Iceland

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