Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South Asia Radio

Philips Radio Model 436-AN dial.

Bhutan, Ceylon, India, Kashmir, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan [East], Portuguese India [Goa]

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557GOA Radio GoaPortuguese IndiaGoa
640Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
700Radio Ceylon ICeylonColombo
870Radio Ceylon IIICeylonColombo
920Radio Ceylon IICeylonColombo
1167APD-1 Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
1490Radio KashmirKashmirSrinagar
1500Radio NepalNepalKathmandu
3245CR8AB Radio GoaPortuguese IndiaGoa
3277Radio KashmirKashmirSrinagar
3295VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3305VUC AIRIndiaCalcutta
3365VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3435VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3440Radio MurreeKashmirMurree
3495VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3935VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3950VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
3955Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
3970VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4760VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4807Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
4840VUB AIRIndiaBombay
4860VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
 Radio KashmirKashmirSrinagar
4870Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4880VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4920VUM AIRIndiaMadras
4940VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4960VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
4967Radio Ceylon IIICeylonColombo
5025Radio Ceylon IICeylonColombo
5960VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
5970VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
5980VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
5990VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6004Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
6010VUC AIRIndiaCalcutta
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6025CR8AB Radio GoaPortuguese IndiaGoa
6040VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6075Radio Ceylon ICeylonColombo
6080VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6085VUM AIRIndiaMadras
6110VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
 Radio KashmirKashmirSrinagar
6112Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
6120Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
6145VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6150VUB AIRIndiaBombay
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6190VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
6250Radio MorreeKashmirMorree
7100Radio NepalNepalKathmandu
7115VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7120VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7125VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7150Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
7155VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7170VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7190Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7210VUC AIRIndiaCalcutta
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7225VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7230VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7240VUB AIRIndiaBombay
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7255VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7260VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
 VUM AIRIndiaMadras
7275VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
7290VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9520Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
9530VUC AIRIndiaCalcutta
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9550VUB AIRIndiaBombay
 VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9560VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9565VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9570Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
9575VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9590VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
 VUM AIRIndiaMadras
9610CR8AB Radio GoaPortuguese IndiaGoa
9614Radio PakistanPakistanDacca
9620VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9630VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9660VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9670VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9680VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9705VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9710VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9720VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9740VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9750VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
9765VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11710VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11760VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11780VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11790VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11810VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11820VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11830VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11850VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11870VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11890VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11915VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11940VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11950VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11960VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
11975Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
15085VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15120Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
15130VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15160VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15170VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15190VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15210VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15240VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15290VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15325VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15350VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
15380VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17705VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17740VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17760VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17780VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17820Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylonColombo
17830VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17840VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
17850VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
21510VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
21660VUD AIRIndiaDelhi
21700VUD AIRIndiaDelhi

Stations in bold plus some Shortwave services of All India Radio [VUD Delhi] were the most powerful in the region at the time with 50kW or more transmitter power and the dominant stations for reception of music, news, information and entertainment throughout the region.

AIR All India Radio
VOA Voice of America

It Happened in 1953

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin dies
Dag Hammarskjold starts as UN Secretary-General
Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Norgay complete ascent of Mt Everest
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
USSR tests H-bomb
Pakistan Academy of Sciences established
Playboy magazine
Pat Benetar
Pierce Brosnan
Alex Van Halen
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Bassinger
Hank Williams
Joseph Stalin
Alice Prin ‘Kiki de Montparnasse’
Django Reinhardt
Rene Fonck
Dylan Thomas
India 389.691m
[East] Pakistan 47.653m
Nepal 9.280m
Ceylon 8.230m
Portuguese India [Goa] 0.638m
Bhutan 0.177m
Maldives 0.077m
Licensed Broadcasting Receivers:
Pakistan 800,000
India 637,130
Ceylon 60,000

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Top 20 Singles

  Artist Song
1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge
2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios
3 Patti Page [How Much is] That Doggie in the Window
4 Eddie Fisher I’m Walking Behind You
5 Ames Brothers You, You, You
6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You
7 Les Baxter April in Portugal
8 Perry Como No Other Love
9 Perry Como Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
10 Frankie Lane I Believe
11 Pee Wee Hunt Oh
12 Frank Chacksfield Ebb Tide
13 Nat King Cole Pretend
14 Richard Hayman Ruby
15 Stan Freberg St George and the Dragonet
16 The Hilltoppers PS I Love You
17 The Gaylords Tell Me You’re Mine
18 Julias La Rosa Eh Cumpari!
19 Tony Bennett Rags to Riches
20 Doris Day Anna

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Reflecting on South Asia

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