Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South East Asia Radio

Philips Radio Model 436-AN dial.

Burma, Indo-China, Indonesia, Malaya, Netherlands New Guinea, North Borneo [Philippines: see separate entry]

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630Radio Malaya BlueMalayaSingapore
660Radio Malaya RedMalayaPenang
695Radio Malaya RedMalayaKuala Lumpur
790Radio Malaya RedMalayaSingapore
820Radio Malaya BlueMalayaPenang
825HSK Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
838La Voix du VietnamIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
875Radio Malaya BlueMalayaKuala Lumpur
955Burma Broadcasting ServiceBurmaRangoon
1010Radio MalayaMalayaMalacca
1030Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
1230La Voix du VietnamIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
1360Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
1370Radio Malaya GreenMalayaSingapore
1433Radio CambodiaIndo-ChinaPnom Penh, Cambodia
1440Radio DalatIndo-ChinaDalat, Vietnam
2330YDI6 RRI RelayIndonesiaDjember, Java
2350YDW RRIIndonesiaPontianak, Borneo
2390YDN RRIIndonesiaKotaradja, Sumatra
 YDA4 RRI RelayIndonesiaTjirebon, Java
2420YDA2 RRIIndonesiaBandung, W Java
2430YDK2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaPalembang, S Sumatra
2440YDG2 RRIIndonesiaSurakarta, Java
2446YDR2 RRI RelayIndonesiaTernate, Muluccas
2450JDJ3 RRIIndonesiaJogjakarta, Java
2460YDB Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
2467YDI3 RRI RegionalIndonesiaSurabaja, E Java
2480YDL2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaPadang, Central Sumatra
2490YDH RRI RegionalIndonesiaSemerang, Central Java
3205YDA RRIIndonesiaBandung, W Java
3214YDS RRIIndonesiaMenado, Celebes
3250YDO RRI RegionalIndonesiaBandjarmasin, Borneo
3270YDM1 RRIIndonesiaBukittingi, Sumatra
3277YDD Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
 YDD Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
3286YDG6 RRI RelayIndonesiaMadiun, Java
3305YDG RRIIndonesiaSurakarta, Java
3355YDI1 RRI RegionalIndonesiaSurabaja, E Java
3365YDK RRI RegionalIndonesiaMakassar, Celebes
3377YDB4 Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
3395YDP2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaMedan, W Java
3945YDH2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaSemerang, Central Java
3960YDL RRI RegionalIndonesiaPadang, Central Sumatra
3980YDI2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaSurabaja, E Java
4774Burma Broadcasting ServiceBurmaRangoon
4403Radio HirondelleIndo-ChinaHanoi, Vietnam
4820Radio Malaya BlueMalayaSingapore
4840YDU RRIIndonesiaDenpassar, Bali
4855YDK1 RRI RegionalIndonesiaPalembang, S Sumatra
4875HSIJS Thai Army RadioThailandBangkok
4897La Voix du VietnamIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
4910YDB2 Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
4930YDP1 RRI RelayIndonesiaTjirebon, Java
4945YDA3 RRIIndonesiaBandung, W Java
 YDN2 RRIIndonesiaKotaradja, Sumatra
4965YDR RRIIndonesiaAmbon, Muluccas
5010Radio Malaya RedMalayaSingapore
 British Forces Broadcasting ServiceMalayaSingapore
5030YDM2 RRIIndonesiaBukittingi, Sumatra
5045R.O.N.GNetherlands New GuineaHollandia
5060YDJ RRIIndonesiaJogjakarta, Java
6025Radio Malaya BlueMalayaKuala Lumpur
 Radio Malaya RedMalayaKuala Lumpur
6034Burma Broadcasting ServiceBurmaRangoon
6045YDF Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
6090Radio CambodiaIndo-ChinaPhnom-Penh, Cambodia
6116Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
6135Radio Malaya RedMalayaSingapore
6175Radio Malaya GreenMalayaSingapore
6240HSK3 Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
7100YDJ2 RRIIndonesiaJogjakarta, Java
7140HSK6 Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
7200Radio Malaya BlueMalayaSingapore
7205Radio HueIndo-ChinaHue, Vietnam
7215Radio LaoIndo-ChinaVientiane, Laos
7220YDF5 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
7230Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
7237VS4S Radio SabahNorth BorneoJesselton
7240YDP3 RRI RelayIndonesiaTjirebon, Java
7250YDG3 RRIIndonesiaSurakarta, Java
7265Radio DalatIndo-ChinaDalat, Vietnam
7270YDB3 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
 YDB3 Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
7288La Voix du VietnamIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
7408Radio HirondelleIndo-ChinaHanoi, Vietnam
7295YDQ3 RRI RegionalIndonesiaMakassar, Celebes
9543Burma Broadcasting ServiceBurmaRangoon
9550YDQ2 RRI RegionalIndonesiaMakassar, Celebes
9585YDF6 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
9620La Voix du VietnamIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
9670Radio HanoiIndo-ChinaHanoi, Vietnam
9710YDF6 Java Central Station RRIIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
9750Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
11670HSK9 Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
11770YDF2 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
 YDF6 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
 YDE RRI RegionalIndonesiaMedan, W Java
11795YDF3 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
11910HSK7 Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
11935Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
11940Radio Angkatan UdaraIndonesiaDjakarta, Java
15150YDC Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaMedan, W Java
 YDC RRI RegionalIndonesiaMedan, W Java
15430Radio France-AsieIndo-ChinaSaigon, Vietnam
15640HSK8 Radio ThailandThailandBangkok
17810YDF4 Voice of IndonesiaIndonesiaDjakarta, Java

Stations in bold are the most powerful in the region at the time with 50kW or more transmitter power providing the best reception for music, news, entertainment and information.

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BFEBS British Far East Broadcasting Service
R.O.N.G. Radio Omroep Nieuw Guinea to Hollandia
RRI Radio Republik Indonesia

It Happened in 1953

Asian Socialist Conference, Rangoon, Burma
Death of Joseph Stalin [USSR]
Dag Hammarskjold becomes Secretary-General of United Nations
Independence of Cambodia
Civil war in Laos
French military take Dien Bien Phu [Vietnam] as Vietnamese independence fighting continues
Korean War ends with armistice
1000+ people die in cyclone that hits region
Playboy magazine
Pat Benetar
Pierce Brosnan
Alex Van Halen
Cyndi Lauper
Kim Bassinger
Hank Williams
Joseph Stalin
Alice Prin ‘Kiki de Montparnasse’
Django Reinhardt
Rene Fonck
Dylan Thomas
Indonesia 86.891m
Vietnam [Indo-China] 26.724m
Thailand 21.964m
Burma 20.403m
Malaya 6.929m
Cambodia [Indo-China] 4.809m
Laos [Indo-China] 1.995m
Singapore [Malaya] 1.192m
Netherlands New Guinea 0.700m
North Borneo 0.334m
Registered Broadcast Receivers:
Indonesia 350,000
Thailand 100,000
Singapore [Malaya] 54,619
Vietnam [Indo-China] 40,000
Burma 13,130
Cambodia [Indo-China] 3,500
Sarawak [Malaya] 1,334
North Borneo 2,060
Laos [Indo-China] 328

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Top 20 Singles

  Artist Song
1 Percy Faith The Song from Moulin Rouge
2 Les Paul & Mary Ford Vaya Con Dios
3 Patti Page [How Much is] That Doggie in the Window
4 Eddie Fisher I’m Walking Behind You
5 Ames Brothers You, You, You
6 Teresa Brewer Till I Waltz Again with You
7 Les Baxter April in Portugal
8 Perry Como No Other Love
9 Perry Como Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
10 Frankie Lane I Believe
11 Pee Wee Hunt Oh
12 Frank Chacksfield Ebb Tide
13 Nat King Cole Pretend
14 Richard Hayman Ruby
15 Stan Freberg St George and the Dragonet
16 The Hilltoppers PS I Love You
17 The Gaylords Tell Me You’re Mine
18 Julias La Rosa Eh Cumpari!
19 Tony Bennett Rags to Riches
20 Doris Day Anna

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Reflecting on South East Asia

Top 10 Recommended Reading available right now:

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