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Hello and thanks for visiting our website, the public face of the Global Radio Memories Project.

We started out with just a few features nearly 10 years ago, and have steadily grown over the years since.

In those days social media as we know it today didn’t exist, and if you wanted to listen to the radio your choice was mostly limited to AM, FM or shortwave.

In fact, radio as we know it will be struggling to reach 100 years old in many countries, as the pace of change moves faster.

Already, AM is becoming a thing of the past, even FM is disappearing from dials in some countries, and shortwave, the old fashioned way to tour the world by radio, is rapidly going silent worldwide.

We’ve all been touched by radio: through music we know and love, through news, sports, events and just it’s familiar place in our daily lives and family memories.

A boy, a girl and a transistor radio
© Radio Heritage Collection

Enjoy the celebration of memories here

The Radio Heritage Foundation has a mission to protect, preserve and celebrate the memories each of us has about how radio plays a role in our lives, and has shaped much of modern culture as we know it today.

We do this through curated features, exhibitions and other material here, where everything is shared with free access to everybody, anywhere and anytime.

The Retro Radio Dial, Popular Culture, Art of Radio, Island Radio Pacific Style, Pacific USA, Australian Radio Pioneers, Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, AFRS Armed Forces Radio Memories, New Zealand Radio, Amateur Radio, Asian Radio…… these are the main groups of material we have today, and more will come as we keep unlocking our archives.

Our current radio guides are very popular: Australian Radio Guide, New Zealand Radio Guide, Pacific Asian Listener Guide all make it easy to find links to and information about thousands of today’s radio stations and meet a real need to cut through so much online clutter to find simple information you can trust.

An old radio station badge
© Radio Heritage Collection

Join us on Facebook too

We have a Facebook page where we share less formal news and comments with hundreds of friends worldwide.

So, what you see on this website is just the tip of the iceberg. We actively collect and protect original radio memorabilia, and store it safely. This material helps us research new features, and there is a plan to digitize it all and add it to a new look website in 2014.

Social media is good for posting photos and one line comments about radio stations, personalities, memories and more, before they’re lost in a daily deluge of more and become lost.

But social media is ephemeral, here one second, gone in the blink of an eye…………

KZOO has been serving Honolulu for 50 years
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Stability in times of change

This website is here to provide stability as these changes wash over us and threaten to sweep away the memories and the memorabilia.

It takes time, dedication and effort to keep it relevant, and some days, even existing, as volunteer based organizations can be overwhelmed with just the daily grind of finding money and resources to keep going.

We rely entirely on individuals to make donations of money, memorabilia and time.

So when we ask if you’ll join us and become a supporter, we know you’re faced with many good causes and have to set your own priorities.

Our team of worldwide existing supporters would welcome your joining them to help protect, preserve and celebrate radio memories here.

Under the KULA hula girl in the right hand corner of every page of this website you can make a fast and easy donation of money today. You’ll be very glad you did.

100 years worth of radio news
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

You can trust us to be here

Enjoy what’s on offer, come back often and please tell your friends about us through any of the social media links you’ll find on each page.

Thank you for your interest in the Global Radio Memories Project, we hope you find what you’re looking for and you can trust us to still be here when you come back again…………….

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