Forgotten Features

With hundreds of features online after almost 10 years it’s not surprising that some join the forgotten list and get overlooked. We’ve dug out the least visited features so far in 2014 and encourage you to check them out for yourself.

They range from Australian radio ads in the 1980’s to broadcasting in Japanese controlled Manchuria in the 1930’s and from famous shortwave station HCJB Quito to local Kiwi station Guru FM:

Listener confirmation (QSL) card issued by MTCY to a British listener in April 1940.
hris Bennetts low power radio station broadcasts from his garage.
© SHANE WENZLICK/Manukau Courier
WVTK Leyte was heard as far away as New Zealand. This confirmation letter was signed by program director Ray Carroll in July 1945. © Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

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