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We enter 2015 and the 10th year of this global radio memories project. When it began, there was no such thing as Facebook, which has become a new way of sharing memories, comments and information and engaging fresh faces.

But a long term project like this one needs to keep all the content searchable, easy to access, and not locked away behind the wall of a restricted group. That’s what we still regard as the heart of what we do, making the stories, photos and other material freely available to the community. Watch this space in 2015.

But we would be silly to ignore the power of Facebook and so we’ve been using it for a year or so to learn more about it. We’ve noticed some interesting differences between the people who visit our website and the people who follow us on Facebook. We’ll share some of that information with you because we think it shows how the interest and engagement with this project will grow in the future and where it will come from.

Top 20 User CountriesWebsiteFacebook
02New ZealandAustralia
04UKNew Zealand
12BrazilHong Kong

The countries ranked 7-13 in Facebook are very different than our current website users and show Asia-Pacific as being more important to us in the future especially India and Indonesia, while both Argentina and Brazil will also be important. This will have to be reflected in our radio heritage content as we move forward.

For the immediate future, our core focus will be to remain of interest to even more people in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and the EU…… and continue to have a Pacific ‘feel’ …while at the same time acknowledging both Asia and Latin America as emerging areas of interest and involvement in the project.

We’ll use a combination of the website and Facebook to reach and engage with everyone and strike the right balance as we enter our second decade of service. You can also help by making a donation to keep radio memories free for all……….thank you to every one involved in making it happen. Enjoy.

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