Hawaii Radio Guide

Hawaiian islands from a Hawaii Visitors Bureau ad in 1960
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection
Hawaii Public Radio uses this site overlooking Honolulu to bring HPR1 and HPR2 to many listeners
© Hawaii Public Radio www.hawaiipublicradio.org

It’s now easy to find every Hawaiian radio station. Use our new Hawaii Radio Guide to discover the many sounds of radio found throughout the islands of Hawaii today.

When on vacation in the islands, use this handy guide to find the music, entertainment and information that you need.

FM, LPFM and AM radio stations are all included. You can search by location, even the island or single stations. They’re all here, from the statewide Hawaiian Public Radio network to commercial brands of all kind, even small local LPFM stations and out of state services relayed locally.

In most cases. explore their websites and listen live to their programs in your own home or on your mobile device anywhere in the world. Outside the USA, some stations may geo-block you for copyright reasons.

Traditional or contemporary Hawaiian music, reggae and island music, rock, pop, religious and mellow music, local news and talk, local and national sports, programs in Filippino, Japanese and Korean…..the variety of radio stations on these islands is truly amazing.

Old timer KGU Honolulu is still found at 760 AM
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Bring the year round sounds of Hawaii into your life with the Hawaii Radio Guide, the latest addition to our series of radio guides. Start discovering Hawaii here and share the Hawaii Radio Guide with your friends on Facebook today.

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