Radio Station Partnerships now available for April 1 2015 – March 31 2016

The affordable way to show your support. Bonus partnerships also include other features covering the same area: eg the Hawaii partnership currently includes Art of Radio Hawaii, OWI Hawaii and Blue Hawaii Retro Radio Guide 1961 features.

Partnerships offering bonus features are marked * Series currently included are Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, Kiwi Radio, AFRS Radio, Retro Radio Guides and Island Radio/Pacific Style features. Additional features can be added at any time.

These affordable partnerships offer radio stations something back in return for their support of the project and our Radio Guides series.

Radio Guide Partnership Rates 2015/2016

ONLY ONE regional radio partner permitted for each region plus one national radio partner per guide.

01New South Wales + ACT Radio Guide$649*
02Victoria Radio Guide$479*
03Queensland Radio Guide
04Western Australia Radio Guide
05South Australia + NT Radio Guide$149*
06Auckland Radio Guide
07Canterbury Radio Guide$59*
08Wellington Radio Guide
09Tasmania Radio Guide$49*
10Waikato Radio Guide
11Southern Lakes Radio Guide$29*
12Central North Island Radio Guide$29*
13BOP Lakes Radio Guide
14HB East Coast Radio Guide
15Nelson Radio Guide$19*
16Northland Radio Guide
17Australia all states$1,599*
18Arabian Gulf States all states$1,349*2015
19Caribbean all states$799*2015
20PAL Pacific Asian Listener all states$599*
20Pacific Islands all states$499*2015
21New Zealand all regions
22Hawaii all islands$129*
  • Each partnership runs from April 1 2015 to March 31 2016 and includes a free bonus period from February to March 31.
  • Currency: $A before March 31 2015 or $US after April 1 2015.
  • Partnership applications via email only and must be accompanied
    by either PAYPAL or direct bank account payment for the full amount
    unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with us.
  • A sample of the station logo intended to be used must be supplied
    to us by email within 5 working days of acceptance. Details will be sent.
  • Thank you for showing your support for this global radio heritage/memorable radio project and making it possible for continued free community access worldwide.
  • All partnerships are also included on the Supporter Roll as bonus recognition of your valued support.
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