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Nautel XR12 Transmitter Amazes with Quick, Four-Step Installation


Our Network, Bombo Radyo Philippines has acquired 11 Nautel units which includes XRs, NVs and NXs Series. The reason we bought Nautel is because “its time to join the digital age” [solid state and AUI technology].

But this story is about the Nautel XR12 transmitter. The reason why we choose Nautel XR12 against other competing brand, (we have Sender and Harris in our Radio Network) is, its simplicity, ease of use and the surprisingly super fast installation.

Unbox it. Position it. Attach the coax. Tap the Power. Turn it On! That was the bold promise of Engr. Mon Bañez, the head engineer at Broadcast World Philippines, when he brief us on the quick installation of Nautel’s XR12 transmitters.

The promise of Engr. Mon seems easier said than done. We’ve seen so many installation of transmitters, including other brand of solid state but there was nothing like the four step installation that Engr. Mon is promising us.

But sometime in October 2012, in Legazpi City, Philippines. We uncrated a brand new XR12 transmitter. The first to be installed from a batch of seven XR12s.

We positioned it, attached the coax cable, tap the power supply and then Engr. Mon said “Breaker on!”

The XR12 silently come alive. At 1k… 2k… 4k… 6k… 8k… 10k… without any reflected power. We checked for any burnt smell, or popping sound of a shorting component but there was none. Only the whirling of the blower fan from the transmitter is being heard.

Mr. Marvin Villanueva, Broadcast Technician for Bombo Radyo DZLG, and Engr. Mon Bañez, Head Engineer of Broadcast World Philippines with the Nautel XR12.
Mr. Marvin Villanueva, Broadcast Technician for Bombo Radyo DZLG, and Engr. Mon Bañez, Head Engineer of Broadcast World Philippines with the Nautel XR12.

We at the Tech Team are actually waiting for some alarm to show up but there was no blinking light, so we asked Engr. Mon if the he is sure the metering system of the unit is correct and he replied he believe so.

And so that was it, the promise of a four-step quick installation has been kept. The photo-ops that followed was like more time consuming than the installation itself.

One down, more to go, but the task ahead is not as daunting as we taught it would be. It is a ctually becomes exciting. As of today, five XR12s has been installed in our radio network, silently… efficiently.

Mar Navarro
DZLG Bombo Radyo
Legazpi City, Philippines

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