Editorial: Final Days 2015/2016

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We are a small non-profit organization doing what we can to protect, preserve and promote what we call ‘radio heritage’ or things, memories and places associated with radio broadcasting. This website is a very small window into our global project.

Sometimes we fail. Like when the original studios of 3ZB Christchurch NZ recently burned down in an arson attack. We tried to get people interested to do something to make future use of the building from the 1930s, but ran into the brick walls of no interest and no money, made worse by damage in the earthquake of 2011.

In these final days before the current financial year ends on March 31, we have raised over 90% of the budgeted costs we pay others. We get no funding from any government or broadcasting networks anywhere in the world. Unpaid volunteers do all the work as time permits. A small group of people in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Europe make irregular donations to our costs…… without them we would have closed down years ago and much memorabilia destroyed, lost or forgotten.

If you’re using one of our radio guides today or enjoying one of the hundreds of features prepared by our volunteers, would you make a donation towards the 10% of funding still needed by March 31:

We’ll be pleased to add you to our Roll of Honor this month, and you’ll be pleased to see more radio heritage protected, preserved and promoted by our project. You’ll be helping us keep the memories alive, even after the studios of stations like 3ZB are long gone.

And there are thousands of stations and many thousands more people who worked in them for almost a century now remaining to be remembered.

On behalf of many long forgotten voices, thank you.

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