Tuning in Radio Sarawak – Historic Film from 1961

The website of the Imperial War Museums contains this rare 1961 film about Radio Sarawak in Malaya.

The film description reads:

Information film about the benefits of the national radio service in Sarawak

The film opens with a performance by the Kuching Constabulary, a popular attraction in the capital. Radio permits this music to be enjoyed by people all over Sarawak. After the performance, an Iban family returns to their jungle village, having made a shopping expedition into the town. For modest expense a boy has bought his sister a transistor radio – a wonder of modern science which is becoming an accepted part of life. However, good radios require a good service, and the rest of the programme, while illustrating a few of the necessary ancillary services – publication of a ‘Radio Times’, the running of a record library, upkeep of equipment, etc – concentrates on the various programme activities of Radio Sarawak and its multiracial staff. Services described include news bulletins, request programmes, talent shows, agricultural advice, interviews with visiting personalities, coverage of sports events, religious worship, and educational broadcasts. Musical entertainment is both classical and modern, while radio recordings help to preserve the traditional native arts. Radio Sarawak thus provides many valuable services and is destined to play a major role in the future of the community it serves.

View the film on the IWM website by clicking here.

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