KUAM Isla 63 AM Guam Ceases Broadcasting

CHamoru radio trailblazer Isla 63 AM to cease broadcasting on May 1

Monday, April 20th 2020, 12:23 PM ChST
By KUAM News

KUAM Isla 63 AM will cease broadcasting on the radio on May 1,  according to KUAM Communications.  

For over 66 years, KUAM AM radio has informed and entertained local audiences through Isla 63.  It’s provided a  community connection for quality local programming and it’s been advocate, influencer and media trailblazer for CHamoru language and culture through entertainment.

Though this chapter in the history of KUAM is ending, CEO Marie Calvo Monge reassures audiences that the heartbeat of the station will continue on in a variety of ways more accessible to a larger audience. 

“The heart and soul of Isla 63 will live on through the spectrum of programming we continue to provide to the community,” she said.  Through KUAM FM (I94FM), our local and news programming on TV8, TV11, Docomo Pacific TVone and GTA Guam’s News Network (Channel 17) and all of our digital platforms including streaming on our app, we will continue to stand by our mission to inform and entertain our global Guam community.”

Through KUAM’s streaming operation, you can still catch daily CHamoru music and news updates on the KUAM news mobile app.  Listeners are encouraged to access the Isla radio stream on www.kuam.com and the KUAM News mobile app available on smartphones and other devices. 

“KUAM has been an innovator of local media since our inception and though we are regrettably ending the traditional broadcast transmission of our flagship station, the spirit of our lasting legacy will remain in more ways than ever,” Calvo-Monge said. 

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It was the start of who we are today – 65 years ago KUAM Radio signed on the air. Here’s a look at our history and our plans for the future.

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  1. On March 28, 2021, Glenn Hauser posted to the World of Radio group:

    KUAM 630 Guam returning to air, weakened from new antenna site:

    According to this, http://www.radioheritage.net/Story506.asp
    KUAM ceased broadcasting 630 on May 1, 2020. It would continue on FM,
    streaming. No explanation of why. Station 2) was deleted from WRTH
    2021 but the 2) reference remains.

    Now, an FCC application to move its transmitter site has been
    approved. The old site was leased on a month-to-month basis and could
    not be relied upon.

    The new site is at the KSDA shortwave! facility with what appears to
    be a temporary antenna design, to be at reduced power but sufficient
    to cover the island.

    FCC AM Query now shows the original 10 kW info and, as applications,
    for the new site at 2.5 kW:

    Here is the letter granting STA only until September 20, 2021:


    The engineering statement with all the details, including diagrams of
    the antenna, maps of old and new coverage:


    A month earlier, in February, KUAM applied to change from commercial
    to non commercial, and with a new licensee name, Good News
    Broadcasting, i.e. religious. It is not clear how closely or what
    relationship it now have to Adventist World Radio. Its old brand was
    “Isla 63“ music, by Pacific Telestations.

    Expect the new facility to go on the 630 air once the license transfer
    be completed, with weaker signal and new format (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    1. And Matt Francis from Australia replied:

      Hi Glenn,

      The assignee – Good News Broadcasting Corporation – is the not-for-profit operator of JOY FM in Guam KSDA 91.9 FM and KORU 89.9 FM in Northern Marianas Islands.

      According to their website, they assumed responsibility for the FM station sometime after 1992. It had originally started operating from the AWR-Asia studios in Guam in 1991, but Good News took over following a decision by AWR to shift away from local AM & FM broadcasting.


      Matt Francis,
      Bilgola Plateau, NSW, Australia

      1. ** GUAM. KUAM began STA operation at 6 PM local time Wednesday, with 2 kW.
        Operation will continue, although it may be somewhat irregular due to
        additional ongoing work on the temporary transmitting system.
        (Ben Dawson, WA) i.e. 0800 UT April 21