NSS FM North Street School, Feilding

School FM radio taking to the air


ON AIR: North Street School year 8 students Harrison Earle and Michael Boulton are DJs for the school radio NSS FM87.6 Photo: BOBBIE NICHOLLS/FAIRFAX NZ

North Street School’s Poutama Opportunity Programme gives year 7 and 8 students a choice of activities on Wednesday in two rotations.

The activities are organised each term by teachers based on feedback from the students.

Among the activities this term is a school radio. Students choose the music, do interviews and record news and weather reports to include in the programming on a loop.

Teacher Raylene Johnston said the students learnt interview techniques and edited the interviews, putting in soundtracks and adding continuity. They use the computer programme Garage Band.

As part of the programme the radio group visited MediaWorks Radio in Palmerston North and spoke to the announcers.

Last Wednesday morning Owen Fenner and Julian Srey were choosing music for the loop, which was mainly their own choice, but they said they tried to include suitable music for adults. “We guess and predict what our listeners will want to hear,” they said.

Sophie Watt said her usual role was downloading the weather forecast and recording school sports results. She and Anna van Oeveren had interviewed two school sports-people and a group of students were editing it, adding background music and adjusting sound levels.

The radio is still in its trial stages but will soon be able to be heard within about a kilometre of the school on FM 87.6.

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