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3CV Central Victoria has studios throughout Central Victoria. With head office, studios and recording facilities in Bendigo, studios at Maryborough and at Transmission House, Carisbrook, and also at 3AW Melbourne, 3CV gives a very large variety of programmes from many localities. In this regard it is even claimed that no station does more, if as much. Being one of the Macquarie Network stations, 3CV also has all the topline programmes, thus giving city service in Central Victoria.

The 3CV Transmitter is a 500-watt, built by Transmission Equipment, using high level Class B Modulation. The antenna is a 268-foot Tubular Steel mast, with an extensive earth mat covering 11 acres.

3CV Transmission House

The studios are of the most modern design, incorporating Presto turntables, streamlined console control units, with multichannel mixing, orthocoustic filters, programme equalisers, cue up amplifier for smooth programme presentation and efficient limiting amplifier allowing high percentage of average modulation. Studio equipment was designed and built by 3CV engineers. The Bendigo studios contain a large auditorium for programme presentation with an audience. This is also used for the functions of the 3CV Women’s Club. The latter organisation has over 11,000 members throughout Central and Northern Victoria, with eight auxiliaries in Bendigo and branches in many towns.

3CV donated ambulance

During the war the 3CV Women’s Radio Club supplied ambulances, a mobile canteen, thousands of food parcels, and food for Britain. Also it helped local institutions such as the Bendigo Hospital and Bendigo Benevolent Home The Benevolent Home received £1200 as a result of one afternoon’s effort of the 3CV Women’s Club. In the last year of war the club raised £4,220 Since peace, an electric food warmer has been presented to the Bendigo Base Hospital, an ambulance to the Maldon Hospital, deck chairs to the Bendigo Chalet, and ice chests to the Benevolent Home. Every week members of the club visit the sick and distribute cigarettes, sweets, cakes, etc. The 1946 3CV Women’s Club’s party drive will help the 3CV Scholarship for children of deceased and disabled soldiers.

ARTHUR SHELDON, Secretary and Studio Manager, late R.A.A.F. Victorian. Previous Experience Country station and freelance Melbourne; Conducts Sunday Matinee. Hobbies, Photography and Motoring.

A Sheldon

“LADY RITA” (Mrs. R DODDS), General Secretary 3CV Women’s Radio Club and Announcer. Conducts Women’s Session. Hobbies, Tennis and Music.

R Dodds
K Parker

KEN J PARKER, Chief Engineer and District Manager, Victorian. Previous experience country stations N.S.W. and Victoria. Conducts Racing Sessions and Choice of the People. Hobbies, Motoring, Tennis and Shooting.

CJ Burke

C. J. BURKE, Technician, previous experience ships and country stations, Victorian. Hobbies, Gardening and motorcycling.

P Compton

PETER COMPTON, Technician, Late Merchant Navy. Born England. Ship’s Radio Engineer. Hobbies, Electronics.

A Harding

ATHOL HARDING, Script Writer, late A.I.F., Victorian. Hobbies, Tennis and Football.

BILL HARPER, Record Librarian and Studio Technician, Victorian. Hobby, Cycling.

OLIVER GILPIN, Junior Announcer. Born in Melbourne. Previous experience, 3AW Melbourne. Hobby, Horse riding.

C Burke

COLIN BURKE, Morning announcer. Late Merchant Navy, Victorian. Conducts Hospital Session. Hobbies, Organist and plant cultivation.

B Donohue

BILL DONOHUE, late A.I.F. Conducts 3CV Digger Session. Hobbies, Music and R.S.L. work.

3CV – Central Victoria, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47. Editor: C C Faulkner.

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