4WK Warwick

“The Voice of the Darling Downs”

4WK Offices, Studio and Transmitter Building

The Warwick Station 4WK commenced operations in May, 1935. It transmits on a Wave Length of 341 Metres (880 K/C’s.). The Station serves the City of Warwick and the rich wheat-producing Darling Downs.

All of the best Metropolitan programmes are heard from 4WK, either on relay or disc, and the Station takes an active part in local affairs.

Hours of transmission: –
Monday to Saturday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Personalities attached to 4WK include:

D. J. (DON) MARSHALL, Station Manager. Born May, 1906, at a small mining village, Tent Hill, in New England District, N.S.W. Entered P.M.G. Department, June, 1920. Graduated through various sections, until in 1928 was transferred from telephone engineering department to Radio, shortly after the A.B.C was constituted; carried out duties as outside broadcast technician until March, 1932. Resigned to take up duties at 2CH as control operator. When A.W.A assumed control of 2CH, was transferred with remainder of technical staff – remained in 2CH control room until March, 1939. Transferred to 2GN Goulburn as announcer – technician – salesman and carried on in this capacity until February, 1943. Was then appointed acting manager; March, 1946, transferred to 4WK in present capacity. While with O.B. Staff at 2FC – 2BL saw many notable events take place, was at Mascot Aerodrome for the termination of several of the late Sir Kingsford Smith’s notable record flights, also his departure on first successful Tasman crossing. Saw arrival of first Dutch mail plane at Mascot, pilot the later famous Parmentier, who figured sensationally in an episode over Albury during the MacRobertson London – Melbourne Race at Victorian Centenary. Married, and has two girls and a boy.

4WK Staff, L to R Messrs. Sheather, Styman, Marshall, Ross; Misses Thomas, Simpson, Porter.

C. N. SHEATHER, Technician. Born in England at Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. Came to Australia in 1926, spent some time in Melbourne, moved on to Sydney. Deciding to enter radio, studied with the Marconi School of Wireless. After graduating received an appointment to 4WK as technician – announcer.

4WK advertisement

K. STYMAN, Technician joined A.W.A. in March, 1937, transferred to Broadcasting department early 1940. Was on staff at 3BO Bendigo for 18 months. and during 4½ years’ service, was a navigator with R.A.F. in Britain, training in Canada. Resumed with broadcasting department December, 1945, and was appointed to 4WK as technician.

D. H. ROSS, Announcer. Joined the Company in 1936. Has been on 4KW’s staff ever since. Was in the R.A.A.F. and served as a pilot overseas with the R.A.F. Returned to Australia March, 1945, and resumed with 4WK in October, 1945.

MISS S. PORTER. Announcer. Has lived in Warwick for 14 years. Finished education at St. Hilda’s School, Southport, reaching the standard of Sub-Senior. During the following year obtained A.Mus.A. for the piano and reached Grade I. standard in elocution. Started work with the Warwick Broadcasting Company in November, 1945.

MISS A. THOMAS: Born and lived in Warwick; finished schooling at the Glennie Memorial School, Toowoomba. After leaving school took a Commercial course at the Warwick High School, from whence obtained a position at 4WK in September, 1943, in the capacity of typiste.

MISS H. SIMPSON: Born in Gympie, Queensland. Came to Warwick with parents at the age of 8 years. Passed the Scholarship Examination in 1942, and attended the Warwick Technical College and High School, where she took academic course and passed Junior in 1944; the next year did a full day commercial course. In January, 1946, applied for a position as typiste at Station 4WK, which position she now holds.

4WK – Warwick, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47. Editor: C C Faulkner.

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