Pago Pago – The Tall Tower Tour

Photos by: David B Musick

It’s not often we see some Pacific towers, but you’ll enjoy this series of photos taken recently at Pago Pago, American Samoa.

The KVZK-TV tower has been a landmark since the 1970’s, and the ‘batwing’s help push 145kW of signal out across the islands.

The view of the KKHJ-FM tower is unique, it’s taken looking down at it from the top of the KVZK-TV tower!

Photographer David B Musick is Assistant Chief Engineer of KVZK-TV Pago Pago, American Samoa. He’s also been known to dabble in FM broadcasts during his career.

If the name sounds familiar to New Zealanders, Samoans and Americans, it’s because Musick Point radio station in Auckland was named after one of his famous relatives who pioneered the Pan Am clipper route from Oakland to Auckland. Via Pago Pago.

Some 75 years later, David carries on the Musick family tradition of bringing communications, education and entertainment to the islands of the Pacific.

That’s also a nice little radio heritage story and one we’re delighted to share.

View of Pago Pago Harbor from KVZK-TV tower.
Unique view of the KKHJ-FM tower, looking down from the top of the KVZK-TV tower.
David Musick at Musick Point Memorial Radio Station, Auckland, New Zealand.
KVZK-TV tower on Mt Alava overlooks Tutuila island
Engineers climb KVZK-TV tower to replace hazard lights. KKHJ-FM tower is the smaller tower. KKHJ owner also has WVUV-AM.
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