3BO – The Bendigo Station

Station 3BO Bendigo commenced operation on 4th June, 1931, and transmits on a wave length of 309 Metres, 970 K/C ‘s. Serving a wealthy area in Central Victoria, the Station has a complete coverage of Bendigo and District.

Staff of 3BO Bendigo.
Seated – From left: Miss J. Codiga (Copy Dept.), Miss I. Poulston (Announcer), E. C. Haynes (Manager), Miss M. Meagher (Record Library), Miss E. Robinson (Stenographer).
Standing – Miss J. Brown (Stenographer), G. Everingham (Technician), F. A. McManus (Salesman), W. Moore (Technician), R. Gaze (Announcer), Ray Jackson (Office), P. N. Charley (Announcer), G. Krost (Announcer), H. F. Harman (Technician), Miss D. Kerr (Copy Writer).

Most of the best Metropolitan Shows are heard on 3BO, either on direct relay from City Stations or on disc.

3BO Advertisement.

Hours of transmission: – Sunday, 8.45 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Saturday, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Personalities on Station 3BO include: –

EDWARD CHARLES HAYNES: Manager. Joined A.W.A., Melbourne, May, 1927. Beam Wireless Service 11 years; Radiola Department, 3 years; Broadcasting Department, Melbourne, October, 1941. Appointed present position February, 1943. Born London 4th March, 1903. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Rotary of Bendigo.

E.C. Haynes

RICHARD H. GAZE: Announcer. Radio career, 4BH 1937, 4BK-AK 1937-38. Joined 3BO 1938. 1940 to 1945 A.I.F. demobilised. Rank, Captain. Army career, 6th Div. M.E. General MacArthur’s H.Q., New Guinea and Solomons. Born Melbourne, 1918. Recreations: Cricket, swimming, music.

Richard Gaze

PHILIP N. CHARLEY: Announcer. Joined A.W.A. October, 1945, at 2CH 3 months. Appointed 3BO January, 1946. Educated, Shore, Sydney. Served R.A.A.F. May, 1943, to April, 1944. Born Sydney, 26th January, 1925. Recreations: Swimming, tennis, music.

Philip Charley

GERSON KROST: Announcer. Joined 30th March, 1942. Previously followed profession of music. For three years President of Bendigo Competitions Society. Associated with theatres in Brisbane and Lismore, N.S.W. Born in Bendigo. Clubs: Rotary of Bendigo. Hobbies: Reading.

Gerson Krost

FRANK A McMANUS Salesman. Joined A.W.A. 1937 at Ashfield Works. Served in A.I.F. May, 1940 to November, 1945. Demobilised as Lieutenant. Rejoined A.W.A. December, 1945. 2AY Albury, January to March, 1946. Appointed 3BO March, 1946. Born in Sydney 1918. Recreation: Tennis.

Frank McManus

MISS ISABEL POULSTON Announcer. Joined 3BO 1936. Born in Bendigo. Recreations: Golf and tennis. Clubs: Professional and Business Women’s of Bendigo.

Isabel Poulston
Margaret Meagher

MISS MARGARET MEAGHER: Record Librarian and Children’s Club Announcer. Joined 3BO July, 1944. Won Bendigo Section A.C.F. “Miss Australia” Contest, 1945. Born in Bendigo 4th May, 1926 Recreations: Golf, tennis, swimming.

3BO – The Bendigo Station. A unit of Amalgamated Wireless [A/Asia] Ltd, Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47. Editor: C C Faulkner.

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