2UE Sydney – Australia’s Oldest Commercial Station

Radio 2UE is the oldest of the existing commercial stations in Australia: It commenced operating in 1925 on a license granted in 1924. Studios and offices are at Savoy House, 29 Bligh Street. Original transmitter was at Lillipilli, Port Hacking, but in 1942 it was replaced by perhaps the most modern transmitter in the Commonwealth. It is situated at Concord West and provides Radio 2UE with an unsurpassed coverage. The transmitter operates with a power of 1000 watts wave length 319 metres (950 K.C.).

Allan Toohey

From its earliest days, Radio 2UE has maintained a position in the forefront of development in radio broadcasting. Programmes cater for every section of the community, and through the years the public has acclaimed the station as a definite leader in sport, musical programmes and sessions of home interest. In recent years it has introduced its own Production Department and News Service, and both have rapidly earned national recognition.

First consideration of Radio 2UE’s policy has been service to listeners and advertisers, with the result that the station has built a wide and loyal audience. Some firms have been using it for advertising for as long as 20 year.

Clif Cary

Radio 2UE is the emanating station for the famous Associated Sport Broadcasts which has an enormous cover age and a very large audience. Under the editorship of Clif Cary, A.S.B. is heard throughout New South Wales, and provides a complete and authentic cover not only of all racing but of all sport of major importance. Exclusive form previews are given for Sydney meetings and another important A.S.B. feature is the Melbourne suggestions and comments compiled by “Phar Lap” for whom it is claimed no racing commentator in this country has a better record or a greater following. Melbourne races are broadcast by Eric Welch and Sydney by Ken Howard. This is the oldest sports service on the air in Australia and its popularity has added new audience figures every year. A.S.B. is also the only service covering the broadcast of Sydney greyhound meetings.

Ronald Morse

Radio 2UE directors are: Sir John Butters (chairman), C. V. Stevenson (who founded 2UE), R. Doutreband, M. H. Stevenson and R. Field.

Members of the executive staff are: A Campbell-Jones (General Manager); L. R. Hood (Sales and Assistant Manager); M. H. Stevenson (Chief Engineer). L. Wolff (Secretary); Clif Cary (Sports Editor); W. Stephenson (Office Manager); Paul Jacklin (Production Manager); Miss Anne McHale (Secretary to the General Manager).

Tony McFayden

Announcing Staff: Allan Toohey, Ron. Morse, Tony McFayden, Martin Woodhouse, Eric Wright, W. Moloney, Mrs. Filmer, Misses Colina Lynam, Pat Cusick, Margaret Kirby.

Feature Sessions: Sally Harten, Tal. Ordell, Bill Honeyfield, Harry Yates, Si. Meredith, “Scrim” (C. G. Scrimgeour).

News Readers: Heath Burdock, Brian Newman, Chris. Jenkinson and Victor Allen.

Eric Wright

News Reporters: George Nicholls, D. Angel, C. Sloan.

Production Department: Paul Jacklin, Howard Craven, G. J. M. Jackson, S. See, N. Merchant (chief dramatic control operator), J. Pettett (studio sound effects); J. Keniry (assistant control operator).

Sales and Advertising: L. R. Hood, Harry Yates, Arthur Carr, Norman Stevenson, Peter See, Miss B. Whale.

Sales Promotion: Stan Coleman.

Ken Howard

Sports Department: Clif Cary, Ken Howard, Sid. Simpson, Miss A. Sheldrick. Assistants: W. Bradhurst, Garth Cary, L. Angel, J. Malone.

Publicity: Stan Coleman, Miss Patricia Rolfe.

Technical Staff: M. H. Stevenson, W. Robinson, B. Munnings, C. Howe, N. Piermont, G. Cole, H. Payne, G. Oswald, R. Knight, J. Eaton, B. Piermont, G. Sergle, W. Adams.

Howard Craven

Copy Department: Harley Goodsall (Manager); W. Tyson, A. Seymour, Misses M. Kirby, P. Rehfisch.

Record Room: Noel Pearson (Manager).


ALLAN TOOHEY – Has been in radio for ten years and is in the highest flight among Australia’s commercial announcers and comperes of recorded programmes. Born in Australia, he was educated at The Armidale School, and Bedford Grammar (England). First radio experience was at 2NZ. Is heard in special night programmes and the 2UE-A.S.B. racing service. Recreations, Surfing, Motoring.

CLIF CARY – Sports Editor 2UE-A.S.B. After ten years in journalism, joined Radio in 1938 at 2UW. Came to 2UE in executive capacity in 1940. Has knowledge of all sport and racing, and his form previews on A.S.B. are heard by possibly the largest massed audience of any radio programme in Australia. Also known overseas and in Australia as leading cricket authority Recreations, Golf, Swimming.

RON MORSE – Actor-Announcer. Has twice won popularity poll as Australia’s finest radio actor. Is featured in 2UE productions, and also heard as announcer on night programmes. Has recently resumed duties after three years overseas as Flight-Lieutenant with Coastal Command. Recreations, Squash.

TONY McFAYDEN – Night Announcer. Also heard on Sunday afternoon programmes. Came to 2UE from Sale, Victoria. Possesses pleasant crooning voice. Is also featured as compere of musical programmes. Recreations, Swimming, Tennis.

ERIC WRlGHT- After making a name for himself as versatile radio actor, he joined the 2UE announcing staff, and over a period of years has been associated with all sessions. At the moment he conducts the early morning and breakfast programme, and Saturday night sessions. Recreations, Swimming, Golf.

GEORGE NICHOLLS, chief of the 2UE news staff, is a journalist of many years’ experience, including years of work in Fleet Street. He came to Radio 2UE when the news service was inaugurated in April, 1945, and has played a substantial part in its organisation.

BILL MOLONEY – Compere of the “Happy-Go-Lucky” hour, every Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. Also noted script writer. Radio successes including “Officer Crosby” and “Justice Rides the Range.”

George Nicholls

KEN HOWARD – Brilliant race caller whose descriptions of all Sydney horse and dog races are heard on A.S.B. network. Has had experience in both Sydney and Melbourne. It is said that he calls more horses per furlong than any other commentator. Recreations, Golf, Swimming.

SI. MEREDITH – One of radio’s oldest identities. For past fourteen years has been reading serials daily at noon. Also noted as first man in Australia to Broadcast Rugby League Football. Recreations, Surfing.

MABEL FILMER – As “Aunty May” has been broadcasting from 2UE for sixteen years. Has wide home following, and is heard every Monday to Friday at 9.30 a.m.

COLINA LYNAM – After career in newspaper work, has been five years in radio. Was formerly associated with Sid Everett in afternoon programmes, but now conducts the morning women’s session. Heard every Monday to Friday from 10 a.m.

Colina Lynam

TAL ORDELL – Former stage actor of note, writer and philosopher. Reads short story every Monday to Friday at 9.15 a.m., and in afternoon conducts “Our Neighbour” session. Father of the late Robin Ordell.

BILL HONEYFIELD – One of the first men to broadcast in New South Wales, has been closely associated with radio down the years. Is now heard in specialised sessions covering Dairying, Poultry, Agriculture and Gardening. He also conducts the famous “Tailwaggers’ Club” for dog-lovers.

Tal Ordell

HARRY YATES – Digger of World War I. Member of Sales staff; but is heard on air with “Diggers’ Session” every Saturday at 9.30 a.m., and the live-artist programme, “The Diggers’ Show,” every Sunday at 4 p.m. Throughout the war conducted camp concerts as entertainment for troops.

HEATH BURDOCK – Among the best known Australian news readers. After years with the Australian Broadcasting Commission, joined 2UE when its news service was formed in 1945. Is Chief Reader and presents the 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. News bulletins.

BRIAN NEWMAN – Member of News reading staff, who came from 2GZ to 2UE. Is also first grade cricketer, and used by A.S.B. for ball-to-ball descriptions of big cricket.

Heath Burdock

“SALLY” HARTEN – Joined radio during war to present a special daily programme for factory and munition workers. Session became immediate hit and is listened to by 90 per cent. of Sydney factories and workshops. Broadcast time: Monday to Friday – 2 p.m.

PAUL JACKLIN – Chief of production department. Educated in England. Had radio experience with B.B.C., and in South Africa, before coming to A.B.C. as producer of “Merry Go Round.” For past three years has been with 2UE, and has played big part in earning national recognition for 2UE productions. Recreations: Golf, Riding, Swimming.

Paul Jacklin

HOWARD CRAVEN – widely recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished radio actors. Appears in many 2UE productions, and in 1945 joined staff as Assistant producer.

G. J. M. JACKSON – Has had brilliant career in radio as announcer compere, prolific writer and producer. Is with 2UE in latter capacity. Recreations: Golf, Swimming, Riding.

SAM SEE recently joined the staff of Radio 2UE as manager of the Production Department. Mr. See was with 2UE in 1941 on the “P. and A. Parade,” and at that time was responsible for the popular feature “Rhythm Maniacs.”

Sam See

‘2UE – Sydney, Australia’s Oldest Commercial Station,’ Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners’ Annual of Australia 1946-47.

Editor: C C Faulkner.

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  1. i am curious, as a teenager, i am now recalling a few of us girls used to visit 2UE after school and do some interesting segment on the radio, i can’t remember just what, but know i was always lucky enough to be chosen to speak, and think all we received was perhaps lollies or some such treat, not that we bothered, we loved doing it. can anyone tell me what the program was? and what we did? maybe advertising, not sure, who remembers, this was probably around mid 1950’s thanks Laraine Lukey Frost