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Early Chinese Radio in Peking

Due to the absence of any local stations, residents with radios in Peking were not able to receive any transmissions except at night, when they could usually tune-in to broadcasts from the Shanghai and Tientsin concessions. Despite these limitations, radios were in demand amongst Peking’s expatriate community and were good business for the importers.

Chinese Local Radio in the 1930s

The Orient opens its heart to radio and in the footsteps of the American listening public, succumbs to the appeal of native amateur hour artists….

Shanghai Radio Dial 1941

In July 1940, TIME magazine featured a story about Carroll Duard Alcott, an American who broadcast from Shanghai radio station XMHA. The story captures the…

Radio in the Puppet State of Manchuria

JQAK Dairen and MTCY Hsinking (Port Arthur) by Dr Adrian Peterson In the three eras of expansion in the nearby areas of coastal Asia, the…