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Rare Audio From The 1980s: Lee Baby Simms – Last Day of Top 40 on KORL 65, Honolulu

In 1980, Honolulu radio station KORL 65 switched from a long period of colorful personalities playing Top 40 hits, staging outrageous stunts, and giving away…

The Pacific Ramblers Live on KTOH, Kauai, Hawaii March/April 1945

In 1945 the band the Pacific Ramblers were entertaining listeners on radio station KTOH, located in Kauai, Hawaii. Dale Halleron wrote to us: I have…

Blue Hawaii, Elvis and Hawaiian Radio in 1961

In 1961, Hawaii was into its second year as the 50th state of the union, the state wide population was estimated at around 642,000 from…

Art of Radio Hawaii ©

Just the word ‘Hawaii’ conjures up every possible classic tropical image. It’s not surprising therefore, that a variety of Hawaiiana images have been used by Hawaiian radio stations in their commercial letterhead and logo designs.

KRHO Honolulu 1944

KRHO was a powerful shortwave radio station broadcasting in English and Japanese languages to the Far Eastern Pacific region in the closing stages of WWII….

King Kong Radio Kauai – KQNG and KUAI AM Radio

KUAI 720 The Kaumuali’i Highway traverses the western side of the island of Kaua’i, leading to historic Waimea where Captain Cook landed in 1778, and…