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2GB Sydney : Key Station of the Macquarie Network

2GB Sydney is operated by Broadcasting Station 2GB Pty. Ltd., with offices and studio at 134 Phillip Street, Sydney, and transmitter at Homebush Point, Parramatta River. 2GB operates on a power of one kilowatt and a wave length of 345 metres (870 kcs.).

2MG Mudgee – “The Voice of the Tablelands”

Station 2MG, Mudgee, “The Voice of the Tablelands,” owned and operated by the Mudgee Broadcasting Company Pty. Limited, is situated a mile from the chief…

2LT Lithgow – Macquarie’s Central Western Network Station

Radio Centre 2LT, controlled by Lithgow Broadcasters Pty. Ltd. and an offshoot of Western Newspapers Pty. Ltd. commenced entertaining its 26,000 town listeners on June…

2CA Canberra Voices

Radio Canberra is located at the seat of the Commonwealth Government…