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Tasmanian Whales Stranded Again, and Four Mediumwave Stations

We present another story of two more mediumwave stations on the island of Tasmania; two double commercial stations (7UV & 7AD and 7DY & 7SD) in country areas to the north of the island.

Making Waves – Coast FM Tasmania

Wynyard on the coast of Tasmania is a picturesque and quiet place to put down roots (writes Nyasha Oliver). “We don’t even have any traffic…

75 Years of 7LA Launceston

On the 13th of December 2005 radio station 7LA in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, celebrated 75 years of broadcasting.

7SD’s Sunpolisher Club gave cousins a chance to star

By Mike Vanderkelen Like one of more than 100 listener clubs which mushroomed during Australian radio’s golden era, the Sunpolishers Club was a “must listen…

7AD & 7BU Northern Tasmania

Covering all the North West of Tasmania, these two popular stations operate under one management. They provide a continuous day-time, and a dual night-time transmission….

7DY Derby, North-East Tasmania

Playing an important part in Tasmanian country broadcasting since February, 1938, Station 7DY, situated near Derby, operates on 1450 kc/s. (107 metres) , with a…

7QT Queenstown – Conqueror of Mineralisation

The claim is made for 7QT that it is unique among broadcasters. The extreme ruggedness of the country – plus the mineralised nature of the…

7HO Hobart’s Original

Have more information about any of the 7HO staff listed in this profile [photos, recordings, memories or stories]? Please contact us and help build our…

7LA Launceston

Have more information about any of the 7LA staff listed in this profile [photos, recordings, memories or stories]?Please contact us and help build our on-line…