Taupo turns on to Z100

Young DJ fits up his own radio station


Sam Elliot has started a radio station, out of his bedroom. Photo: Evie Marinkovich

Most teenage boys’ bedrooms are dungeon-like places with posters on the walls and clothes on the floor, but Sarn Elliot’s bedroom goes against the norm.

He is set up with a laptop and a transmitter, which is connected to an antenna, the two things you need to transform your bedroom into a radio station.

At 14 years old, it is believed Sarn is the youngest New Zealander to have his very own radio station.

Z100 Taupo has been up and running for just under a month and Sarn already has plans for an upgrade.

Every morning at 8am Sarn switches on the station, which he leaves running until around 9pm before he turns it off for the night.

He has a library of about 13,000 songs to choose from, as well as requests from friends, which he then turns into two-hour-long playlists.

And it’s no easy task.

Sarn said it takes him about 40 minutes to choose the songs and another 20 minutes to arrange the playlist.

The playlists, which are set up to play one after another, comprise of top 40 pop songs with some dub, step and even older songs thrown in the mix which Sarn said will appeal mostly to a teenage audience.

Within the next two months Sarn said he will be up and running with a mixer and a microphone which will allow him to DJ and talk on air.

Modest at best, Sarn said all he needed to do, simply, was to purchase the transmitter kit off the internet, from a company in China, download a music- playing-programme and find a frequency that was not in use.

“I just thought it would be a cool idea and that I could really do it, so I did… I’ve always been quite into music.”

It’s not commercial so it is free to run.

To listen, switch to 106.0 FM.

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