The Night Watch – WXLG Kwajalein 1953

“You are listening to the Voice of Information & Education in the Marshall Islands – WXLG Kwajalein”

In late 1953 and early 1954, a program called “The Night Watch” was broadcast every night on WXLG from 10 PM till sign-off at midnight. This show was diskjockeyed by Navy Fireman first-class Johhny Johnson. The format was popular and jazz music request, and news.

Navy Fireman first-class, and disk jockey, Johhny Johnson on WXLG. Photo: US Navy

Other announcers at WXLG at this time were Bob Clifford, Mac McChapery, Roger Wiborg and Don Howard (Station Manager).

WXLG broadcast on 1440 kHz from Kwajalein, in the Marshall Islands, using a power of 1kW.

Dennis “Johhny” Johnson donated photos and a short recording to the Radio Heritage Foundation in 2004.

Kwajalein Atoll location map. Map: Kwajalein Underwater

DJ Johhny Johnson on WXLG. Photos: Dennis “Johnny” Johnson

This recording features the WXLG station identification, the intro & outros to The Night Watch, then station sign-off at midnight.

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