The Story of Village Radio 1XT Tauranga

Audio Features from Our Archives

Village Radio 1XT is on 1368AM and broadcasts from the Historic Village, 17th Avenue West, Tauranga, New Zealand. They play the nostalgic music of the 40s to 90s. Village Radio was opened and the first broadcast took place on 13th April 1984 from the first floor of the historic Town Board building. It also coincided with the commemorations of the 21st Anniversary of the City of Tauranga.  They also have a small Museum of old broadcasting and radio equipment dating back many years.

This cassette tape from our archives contains two audio features about Village Radio 1XT.

Radio New Zealand International “Mailbox” Feature

This is an edited version of a feature on Village Radio 1XT that aired on Radio New Zealand International’s “Mailbox” programme of April 16 & 21, 1990.

Talk by Keith Spooner

This recording features a talk given to various groups by Keith Spooner, Honourary Information Officer for Village Radio.

The Original Cassette Recording

The original un-edited recording from our archives.

1XT Studio
Transmitter Valves
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