What ever happened to Keith Ashton and the car (rental) he “borrowed” when he left 4XO (RadioOtago) in ’71 or was it ’73?

and one more thing… someone borrowed my double LP of the Hauraki story some years ago.

If you’re reading this, I still live at the same address in Glenalmond Crescent in Invercargill. Chris Diack

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  1. Keith Ashton an ex 2SM Sydney Good Guy went on to Capital radio in London and was involved in two other Pirate Stations Radio Caroline in the UK and the Voice of Peace in Israel after he left Hauraki.

    He returned to Australia where he owned several 5kw AM stations and a network of over 200 LPFM stations which he sold to the nsw racing authority(the TAB)

    During his time in NZ he also hosted a weekly program for the chemists guild and also worked for radio i, 1ZH, Radio Waikato and Radio Otago.

    He is now retired and as a hobby owns an internet search engine which is partnered with google.

    Chris D: Keith said the hire car is an urban myth because of poor vision (he only has 5 percent vision now. He has never owned a licence in any country and I should know because I am he.